Beginner’s Guide: The World’s Most Popular Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are held in many countries around the world. Such large-scale events attract the attention of millions of people. The list of TOP-5 world poker tournaments is given below.

Wsop – World Series of Poker

Today, this championship is considered the largest and most prestigious world poker tournament. The annual championship is held in Las Vegas at the Rio Casino. During the month, world professionals can take part in more than 50 televised tournaments. The total prize pool is over $225 million. Not only professionals can take part in the tournament, but also beginners who are allowed to meet with their idols, such as Phil Hellmuth or Chris Ferguson, and even play against them. However, before playing with professionals, it is recommended to undergo training.

Wsope – World Series of Poker in Europe

The tournament is considered quite young, but the WSOPE has already gained immense popularity and continues to gain momentum. The reason for the emergence of WSOPE was the demand for this game among Europeans. The World Series is held in many European capitals. The tournament introduced many new stars to the world, like the first WSOPE winner Annette Obrestad. Annette became the youngest non-US winner in WSOP history. Today, Obrestad holds the status of the best player in Norway and is one of the five most successful female players in the world, along with Vanessa Selbst, Cathy Liebert, Annie Duke and Vanessa Russo.

Wpt – World Poker Tour

The WPT is a professionally organized poker tour that brings together stars from all over the world. Spectators watch a grandiose show with all its attributes: the emotions of the players, their conversations, funny situations, interesting moments. The Poker Tour introduced new big names to the world such as Denmark’s Gus Hansen, who won the first round of the WPT.

Ept – European Poker Tour

The tour is associated with the popularization of this game in countries where it was not recognized. Each year the EPT takes place in a different country, allowing its residents to learn about poker and get involved in the game. EPT’s regular partner is Poker Stars, so every EPT is always a big event, regardless of the country in which it is held. Poker Stars allows 100-200 of the best online players to take part in the EPT.

Australian millions

This is the largest tournament in the Southern Hemisphere, which has existed since 1997 and takes place in the best casino in Melbourne – Crown. Everyone in the poker world knows Stuart Scott who played at PartyPoker where he won his Australian millions. In 2009, the player managed to take 1st place and win over $2 million.